The most colossal pot of the world: camel stuffed with lamb stuffed with chicken stuffed with fish

Guinness World Records has recognized it as the most colossal pot of the world. Because in this case the camel has as a filling made of lamb, and the lamb is stuffed with chicken, which is stuffed with fish (or boiled eggs, depending on the variant of the recipe).
It is a Bedouin recipe, and the cooking time cooking (mainly the spit, but can also be boiled) requires up to 24 hours, and it can feed a hundred people.


The ingredient list is very impressive:

1 camel (medium size)
1 lamb (large)
20 chickens of average size
60 eggs
12 kg of rice
2 kg of pine nuts
2 kg of almonds
1 kg of pistachios
2.2 kg of black pepper
Although several variations of the recipe has been published in various cookbooks, there is a skeptic group of people who believes that the recipe is basically a joke. In fact as you can imagine is not very often cooked, and happen to see it on the table only on rare special occasions.



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