The Funniest Photobombs & “That Moment Pics”

This is a selection of the best of the best Photobombs & “That Moment Pics” that you can ever find!! 1 Egocentric Squirrel Squirrels are very curious and attention needed, so you can imagine that this little adorable mammons coundn’t resist to the temptation to see how does he looks on selfie ….BEAUTIFUL AS F…K!    

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Dog Gets Shot Through The Head With An Arrow (Raw Pics)

Stray dogs are often killed in China‘s Shandong province, because the pets , any kind of it, are absolutly illegal. To catch the animals the dogsnatcher will even use arrows and crossbows. As we can see in this pic, you can meet this terrible scene while you walking around the streets: a nice puppy with a long black arrow through …

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A Real Man Job

Are you a real man/woman? Can you live without phones, coverage of any type and breaks?. Duane Trafford has posted a blunt assessment of what he needs from his new hire. Duane, an expert in pest control in New Zeland, needs to find more prosumers for his business. He says that being a predator contracting doesn’t mean you get to …

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