Stories and facts that’ll blow your mind. It’s hard to believe that all those stories actually really happened somewhere and somehow.

An homemade surgeon operation!


Waiting list to long, he decide to do everything by himself After another postponement of the operation, Graham Smith couldn’t wait any more and decided to operate by himself. Smith, English engineer, he had a surgery over 15 years ago. Despite the success of the intervention, a few points were left protruding from his abdomen, causing various problems. He came …

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Couple lives in a cave for 54 years


For Zifu Liang and Li Suying, a Chinese couple, going to live in a proper house after marriage would be too expensive. So the two decided to go and live inside of a mountain cave near Nanchong. Apparently, however, the arrangement wasn’t temporary, since the two have lived in the cave for 54 years. After their story became viral, many …

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