Stories and facts that’ll blow your mind. It’s hard to believe that all those stories actually really happened somewhere and somehow.

Unicorns really existed founded the prove in Siberia

Unicorns really existed

       unicorns founded in Siberia The Siberian Unicorn, the animal in question, is not really as we always thought. The legendary stallion actually was very hairy and much bigger than a normal horse. The Siberian Unicorn looked like to a rhino with a huge horn on its snout. Until now it was believed that this ancient Earth’s animal …

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Bomb in a school bus


Epic fail for the CIA! They left a bomb in a school bus The CIA forgets the explosive on a school bus after an anti-terrorism demonstration. The officers had just carried out an anti-terrorism demonstration in the institute but during the operations while they were living the building they have forgotten the explosive used during the demonstration in the school …

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