An indestructible iPhone sold for $ 17,000!!!

A Swiss company specialized in luxury products, revealed the iPhone 7 Carbon Concept Edition, a special version of the new Apple smartphone, where the frame is replaced by a carbon structure , which makes it extremely durable and lightweight .


This might be the best thing for those who are scared to scratch or break the new phone, but there is a drawback: this special phone limited edition costs $ 17,000.
Golden Dreams, the company that developed the amazing phone, explained that this is the first phone to have a frame made by hand from a single carbon fiber block. The executives explained that the idea was born in the face of numerous requests by wealthy customers to have a lighter iPhone and more resistant.
The company has worked more than two years in the development of the new “body” of the phone, but are we sure that the result is worth the wait, even surpassing the initial objectives in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


The type of carbon fiber used is the same that is used in Formula 1 cars or in the boats participating in competitions such as the America’s Cup, and has a high resistance to scratches and cracks.

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